"Radio FM Malaysia" Terms of Service

The following Terms of Service explain the terms and conditions that apply to your use of the "Radio FM Malaysia" services and constitutes a legally binding agreement between you and "Radio FM Malaysia". The following Terms of Service applies to the all applications, products and services offered by "Radio FM Malaysia".

By accepting this agreement, using the "Radio FM Malaysia" services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by this entire agreement. This agreement is a legal agreement between you and "Radio FM Malaysia" and the terms hereof apply to you when you use the applications under "Radio FM Malaysia" brand. If you do not agree with this Agreement, you may not use the "Radio FM Malaysia" services.

The "Radio FM Malaysia" Service

The "Radio FM Malaysia" service functions as a comprehensive index of radio stations, providing a simplified search experience for users seeking radio programming from broadcast or radio sources.

Available through software applications for mobile devices, computers, or car systems, "Radio FM Malaysia" is not a broadcaster itself. Instead, it serves as an intermediary that redirects users to specific content providers in accordance with their publicly available services.

"Radio FM Malaysia" does not own any of the brands listed on its service and fully complies with applicable laws while respecting third party rights. While the service connects users to radios broadcasting over the internet, it is not responsible for any content that may be broadcast by the listed radio stations.

Changes to "Radio FM Malaysia" Service

"Radio FM Malaysia" reserves the right to modify, add, or remove any features or functionalities of its service without prior notice. At its discretion, "Radio FM Malaysia" may discontinue some or all of its service features at any time, including new updates. In the event of any modifications, suspensions, or discontinuance of the service, "Radio FM Malaysia" shall not be held liable. If you are dissatisfied with any changes made to the service, your only recourse is to discontinue the use of "Radio FM Malaysia".

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of "Radio FM Malaysia" is available for review here or within the applications. This policy outlines how "Radio FM Malaysia" collects, uses, maintains, and discloses information collected from users.

This privacy policy applies to all products, applications, and services offered by "Radio FM Malaysia". It is important to read and understand this policy carefully before using "Radio FM Malaysia" services. By using the services provided by "Radio FM Malaysia", you agree to the Terms of Service outlined in our Privacy Policy and declare your understanding of the options that "Radio FM Malaysia" provides you in regard to your personal information.

Using the "Radio FM Malaysia" Service

The services provided by "Radio FM Malaysia" are intended solely for personal and non-commercial use, and may not be transferred to a third party. You agree that you will not commercially exploit, sublicense, resell, lease, transfer or rent "Radio FM Malaysia" services, either in whole or in part. Furthermore, you agree not to use the "Radio FM Malaysia" services in an unlawful manner, and to refrain from attempting to gain unauthorized access by modifying, adapting, or hacking the service.

If you access "Radio FM Malaysia" services through a mobile device, you acknowledge that your wireless service carrier may apply standard charges, data rates, and other fees. You are solely responsible for any fees or charges associated with the use of "Radio FM Malaysia" services on your mobile device.

Third Party Content

The term Third Party Content refers to the following:
  • Any broadcast radio programs, podcasts, or other audio content that can be accessed through the "Radio FM Malaysia" services.
  • Any photos, images, graphics, sound recordings, musical works, album artworks, data, information, feedback, suggestions, text, content, and other materials that are recorded, uploaded, posted, published, submitted, delivered, provided, or transmitted by a third party.
  • Any links or other means of access to websites and resources that are available on the Internet.
Third Party Content may be copyrighted and protected.
You acknowledge and agree that Third Party Content may be protected by copyright law and other applicable laws, and may be the copyrighted material of the third party that supplies it. Accessing such content through our service does not grant you any rights to reproduce, prepare derivative works, publicly perform or display, or distribute the content without the written consent of the third party that supplied it, except as permitted by applicable law.

Third Party Content may be transmitted with copy protection mechanisms designed to protect the copyright interests of the relevant third party. These mechanisms may limit or prevent the ability of the "Radio FM Malaysia" services to play Third Party Content.

You understand that "Radio FM Malaysia" does not control the decision of a third party to institute such copy protection mechanisms. You agree that "Radio FM Malaysia" cannot be held responsible for any inability to access or listen to Third Party Content due to copy protection mechanisms.

Due to these copy protection mechanisms, it is strictly forbidden to remove or attempt to remove any content inserted into our service.

Please be aware that the Third Party Content available on the "Radio FM Malaysia" service is not under our editorial or programming control. As a classified database of resources made by users and content managers, we cannot take responsibility for the nature of such Third Party Content. We reserve the right to remove any content at any time, without prior notice, particularly if it violates copyright laws, is defamatory or offensive to any religious, cultural or ethnic group, or contains pornographic or sexually explicit material.

It is important to note that:
  • "Radios Portugal" cannot guarantee access to or availability of any specific Third Party Content.
  • Third Party Content is not endorsed by "Radios Portugal" and is not under our control.
  • Third Party Content providers may modify or remove content or schedules at any time.

Intellectual Property and licenses

The "Radio FM Malaysia" services provide software programs that contain confidential and proprietary information protected by intellectual property and other applicable laws. "Radio FM Malaysia" services allow you to use these software programs for personal and non-commercial use of the services. Any other rights not expressly granted here are reserved by "Radio FM Malaysia".

You are not permitted to use the "Radio FM Malaysia" services for any data mining, scraping, or similar data gathering or extraction methods. Any use of the "Radio FM Malaysia" services that is not authorized in this agreement is strictly prohibited.

"Radio FM Malaysia" values and safeguards the intellectual property and copyright of others and expects the same from our users. We do not tolerate infringing activity regarding intellectual property on our services. Upon receiving notice from an intellectual property owner or its agent that material available through the "Radio FM Malaysia" services infringes the intellectual property rights of a third party, we will remove the material in question.

Procedure for Reporting Claimed Infringement

If you believe that any content listed on the "Radio FM Malaysia" services has been used or exploited in a manner that infringes an intellectual property right you own, you should promptly send a “Notification of Claimed Infringement” to "Radio FM Malaysia" at allaboutradiosapp@gmail.com

In order to be effective, remember to include, at least the identification of the specific material that is claimed to be infringing, a physical or electronic signature of a person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the material that has been allegedly infringed and information that allows "Radio FM Malaysia" to reply to you, such as address, telephone number or e-mail.